Riley ROS 2 Piece Cue – 1 Snooker Cue


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Ronnie wants to encourage players to participate in the sport at which he is so naturally gifted. He has been very involved in the design of the two piece range – demanding only the best ash to ensure the best possible performance. A combination of real wood splices and exciting decal designs make these cues ideal entry points in to the ROS range



  • Length: 57′ (145cm)
  • Configuration: 1/2 Cut Cue
  • Tip: 10mm Elk Master Tip
  • Ferrule: 8mm Brass with a 10mm Diameter
  • Shaft Wood: Ash Shaft
  • Joint: Standard Spiral Brass Joint
  • Butt Design: ROS Decalised Design
  • Bumper: Leather Bumper

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