Predator REVO 11.8 mm Shaft for Uni-Loc QR Joint – Black Vault Plate


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Predator REVO® 11.8 Ultra Low Deflection Shaft

REVO® carbon fiber shafts are the best in billiards technology and performance. Not only the most accurate shaft ever made, REVO® provides effortless action and power with more consistency than wood shafts. Comprised of aero-space grade carbon fiber composite, REVO shafts stay straight and are significantly more durable than traditional wood shafts.

► HIGH PRECISION + HIGH ACCURACY: You can simply trust the cue ball to go where you’re aiming. The small 11.8 mm tip diameter allows for an exacting and precise tip placement and provides exceptional control, time after time.
► MORE SPIN WITH LESS EFFORT: 11.8 allows you to place your tip further out on the cue ball, for extra spin.
► The HYBRID-CONICAL TAPER directly inspired by our Z-3 shaft will please fans of thinner shafts.
► MOST DURABLE: REVO® shafts feature a Limited-Lifetime WARRANTY AGAINST WARPAGE.
► REVO® 11.8 MM is for INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED PLAYERS who use a meticulous and ultra-fine tip placement and seek extra spin and unprecedented control.

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