Riley England Sapele Series – 1 Snooker Cue


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Riley England Sapele Series Cue – The entry level of the Riley England Series, including high quality hand spliced Sapele Mahogany butt section and beautiful Zingana exotic wood front splice. Complete with matching 6″ Mini Butt.


  • Length: 57′ (145cm)
  • Configuration: 3/4 Cut Cue
  • Tip: 9.5mm Elk Master Tip
  • Ferrule: 8mm Brass with a 9.5mm Diameter
  • Shaft Wood: Grade 1 North American Ash
  • Joint: Quick Release Brass Joint
  • Butt Wood: Hand Spliced Sapele
  • Butt Design: Zingana Exotic Wood Front Splice
  • Bumper: Premium Sapele Bumper
  • Badge: Precision Inlay Riley England Series Metal Badge
  • Extension: 6″/15cm Extension

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