Riley ROS Signature Series 5/8 Cut Cue with Extension RSC.5ROS-E


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Endorsed by the legendary World Champion and manufactured by the biggest and most trusted name in cue sports, Riley. It comes complete with 6″ and 12″ extensions, that can be used to shorten the cue when playing space restrictive shots in pool, or to lengthen cue when playing snooker..


  • Cue is designed to play both snooker and pool
  • Cue measures 57″ and has a 5/8 cut joint – slightly higher than the usual 3/4 jointed cue
  • Approx. dimensions: Shaft = 35.5″ Butt = 21.5″
  • Complete with 6″ and 12″ Smart Extensions
  • Extensions can be screwed into the shaft to shorten the cue – ideal for playing pool in tight spaces
  • 9.5mm ‘Blue Diamond’ leather stick on tip with brass ferrule (can use 9mm replacement Blue Diamond tips)
  • RRS rapid release brass joints throughout – lock and unlock cue and extensions in seconds
  • Performance North American Ash shaft
  • Ebonised 4 point black butt with genuine stained birds eye maple veneer inlays
  • Leather butt end protector with joint for extensions – extend cue by 6″ or 12″

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